Chihuahua Clothing And Apparel

Chihuahua clothes and apparel might seem like a funny idea to some people. But dressing your little dog up in clothes can be fun and even beneficial.They are more affected by the weather and elements than larger dogs. Their thin coat of hair doesn’t offer much insulation or protection, even on the long-hair breed. If you live in an area which has cold winters, it can be dangerous for your them and even cause health problems. Consider buying a sweater, or raincoat for tiny loved one to help shield them from the cold, rain, and snow.T-shirts are best for protecting your chihuahua in milder temperatures. Most T-shirts are light-weight and short-sleeved. Typically T-Shirts encompass the dog’s entire torso, offering protection from the sun and other elements.Sweaters can be light weight or very thick. Sweaters are great for providing warmth for your little one, while protecting him from dirt and water as well. Most sweaters have wide neck lines, so be sure to secure it before letting your dog outside.Hoodies offer a lot of protection for your chihuahua. Hoodies can be light weight or heavy, so they are good for both warm and cool temperatures. Hoodies offer protection for your their torso, legs, and head.Raincoats offer the most overall protection for your chihuahua. When paired with a rain hat, raincoats protect your dog from rain. wind, and snow. Raincoats can come in many different fun colors and styles to choose from.When you dress your dog up, make it reflect their their personality. There are lots of graphic tee’s available and these can be perfect for the males, often saying funny quotes. Girl clothing, such as things with rhinestones, and accessories are great for female chihuahuas. Just remember, something as simple as blue for males and pink for females can make a huge difference.When you get your new clothes, take some time practicing putting them on your chihuahua and getting them off. This will get you and your pet used to it.