How Crystal Beads Can Add Sparkle And Individuality To Clothing

In a world where nearly everything is manufactured by machines, it can be difficult to find anything that is truly unique. One way of doing so is to create clothing and accessories oneself. This is not as difficult or time consuming as it may seem. Using crystal beads to add sparkle and individuality to almost anything you own is a fun project!Most craft stores will carry crystal beads. They can be found online as well. These beads come in two basic forms. Some come pasted in a predetermined design. A backing is peeled away, allowing the crystal beads to maintain the design. The glue on the back will stick to clothing, some plastics, wood, and other materials. These are great for beginners, since the design already exists. Beads without this glue are also available. These can be arranged in any way the artist feels fit. Hot glue, craft glue, and fabric glue can all be used to adhere the crystals to a desired surface. The crystal beads come in many different colors. Most of them are quite small, though larger sizes are available as well.One of the easiest items to add crystal beads to is clothing. It provides a large flat surface that offers a texture. This will prevent the beads from slipping out of place. If creating a personal design, it is best to plan out the image first. Making a few sketches on paper will help the artist develop the image. Small changes can be made, and the image can be modified slightly. Once there is a good idea of the intended image, it is time to transfer it onto the clothing. Chalk is the best drawing utensil to use. It will provide a clear mark, and will easily wash out of fabric. Any mistakes can be rubbed out and fixed. It can help to walk away from the image for a few moments. This will give one a clear and fresh view of the image. Using an adhesive appropriate for fabric such as fabric or hot glue, carefully add the crystals.Other items can have crystal beads added to them as well. Cell phones, hats, jewelry, and hundreds of other items can benefit from this creative touch. Beaded items also make fantastic gifts for friends and family.Owning clothing and accessories with a creative and unique touch adds to individuality. Adding crystal beads takes some practice, but is fun and easy to master. Many people enjoy the added sparkle!